Healthy nutrition
for your soft pawed friend

Cat food

Our varied menus are all designed as complete nutrition. Each variety is equally suitable for every breed and every age. Each can contains all the necessary nutrients from selected, high-quality raw ingredients. You can therefore be sure that your four-legged sweetheart is completely nourished with a XANTARA menu.

We have selected the composition of our foods according to the model of nature. The digestive tract of our domestic cats differs only slightly from that of their ancestors, the wild cats.


  • 100% natural
    raw materials
  • No
    animal testing
  • High
    proportion of meat
  • Permanent
    quality control
  • Free of synthetic
  • No colorants,
    flavouring or
  • Made in

Breeder's testimonial

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I have been breeding Maine Coon cats for the last 18 years.
When I started to breed, I always had problems with digestion issues/diarrhoea when changing from mother's milk to normal cat food.

I've not experienced these problems since I started feeding Xantara. The animals develop splendidly. The feed is accepted without any problems. I only have to put the feed down and I have little tigers at home that pounce on it like savages.

I always start with the pouches, because for me the Ling Zhi mushroom is a guarantee that intestinal flora will develop healthily. It is also great that my adult cats eat exactly the amount of food they need and they have a wonderful figure and an excellent coat.

This is repeatedly confirmed to me at shows.

Best regards, Larissa